Our story

It all started when a group of hockey fanatics wanted special T-shirts and we simply couldn't find them anywhere on the web. We started contemplating all the great shirts that weren't available anywhere and how would we make them for ourselves. 

So the first T-shirt idea was born and printed 15 of them. We wore the T-shirt with pride and everywhere we went people went crazy and wanted the same T-shirt. Soon, the demand was so big, we had to print 20 shirts daily, just to cover our friends and friends of friends. 

One thing lead to another and we started Hockey Empire, a place where you can get the best possible hockey gear made specially for the biggest hockey fans. 

We made our hobby, our passion, our everything,  a business and a way to provide for our families. We mixed pleasure and business, and we love it.

Hope you will love our products and you will return to our place on a regular basis.

Have a great day, filled with hockey!

The Hockey Empire team